Ka‘ōhao School

Hiraishi Makes HPR Debut

AHM Founding Member Ku‘uwehi Hiraishi Debuts on Hawai‘i Public Radio With Story on Ka‘ōhao School

For anyone born and raised in Hawaiʻi, your alma mater says as much about you as your family name or hometown. “What school did you go to?” The answer in many ways is your identity. But what if that school changed its name? That’s the case for Lanikai Elementary Public Charter School, soon to be renamed…

Ka‘ōhao School
A school name change on Oʻahu is raising awareness in that community about the origin of place names in Hawaiʻi. The Governing Board for Lanikai Elementary Public Charter School has decided to revive the traditional place name for the land beneath the school. HPR Reporter Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi has more.

Listen on Hawai’i Public Radio and read the full transcript: